Eventective Visitors

Event Planning

Did you ever feel like this? Decision, calls, appointments, commuting, and did I say decisions? The life of an Event Planner is full of stress and responsibilities. That is where Outta Tha Box Event Design can come in. We have a certified Event Planner on staff. Why? Not to do your job, but to understand your job. We want to make the work you do easier and streamline contracting some of the services you will need. We are a Full Scale Production company. From sound and lighting, to DJ and Photo booth, to CO2 machines for the “Dancing on a Cloud” effect, to even the Red Carpet, Step & Repeat Grammy Award feeling with real studio lighting. We can save you time and stress by choosing Outta Tha Box. As we like to say, “Think Outta Tha Box to create that lasting memory.”

DJ Service

Outta Tha Box has a line up of DJ’s, some of which have been featured in global publications, that can bring guest participation to a new level. After all, you’ve invited guests to share this event with, you will want them to go home and talk about YOUR event, for a long time. The sky is the limit as to how BIG you want your special day. We have a vast library of music that sets us apart from other “Dj’s“. We love using Premium Bose Sound which creates a smooth, rich, clear, loud sound without being harsh to the ears. (Even Grandma will approve)

Photo Booth

The latest craze in ‘breaking the ice’ with your guests is the Photo Booth. Outta Tha Box has the latest and greatest Photo Booth, which was custom-built for us. Our high mega-pixel camera is better than what many Photographers use. Images print fast, dry, and in great clarity. Photo strips are great for memories and also can be used as one of your party favors. There will always be a pleasant, professional attendant to keep the photo booth safe, clean, and orderly.


Professional Sound

At Outta Tha Box, professional sound is also where we shine. With state-of-the-art digital sound mixers to record your event for that memory that will last for generations. We’ve done events for 30,000+ attendee’s to small group meetings of 30 people. The size of the group is not relevant, the desire to have your event done professionally is.